When I was a lad…

We lived over the shop at 925 Stockport Rd Cowen’s Hardware Ltd (My company now is called Cowen Software Ltd – I do business software and websites) 927 was a taxi firm 929 on other side of Delamere Rd was grocers, Hugh Feys. Opposite us was Methodist Church . Next to them was Greenhalghs off-licence Next to them was greengrocer. 921 was a sweetshop, then a horsemeat butcher, then a herbalist. The bombsite was the Grand cinema, where I went to see Flash Gordon Saturday mornings. I used to deliver coalbricks in an old pram to people from our shop. We lived upstairs over the shop. The kitchen was also the bathroom if you lifted up the working surface. (The toilet was downstairs behind the shop) We also have title deeds showing a fair chunk of Levenshulme, also my father’s naval records from WW2 and my great-great-grandfathers marriage declaration from Gretna Green (they eloped back to Scotland).

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